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The fact that we, Everest Experience & Assistance specialize in helicopter tours in Nepal makes us the most reliable helicopter tour partner in the country. We organize a range of helicopter-related ventures in the Himalayas, from treks and tours to rescue missions.

The most important thing during the helicopter flight in the Himalayas is safety, and we guarantee safe heli tours. Our experienced pilots and well-trained crew members make helicopter tours and treks hassle-free with us. We take care of all the documentation, permit-related works, and reservation. You can travel freely with our friendly, kind team.

Below are some of the reasons that make us the ideal partner for helicopter tours/treks in the Himalayas:

Local Operator – 12 + years in business

We are a local registered travel company and team of travel lovers organizing successfully ventures all around Nepal for more than 12 years. With us, you will not face any issues and can have a hassle free journey.

100 % refund policy in case of incomplete missions

If the trip gets canceled because of any reason from our side, we have a 100% refund policy. You'll get the full money you paid us.

Land directly at the hospital in case of extreme emergencies

If any medical emergency occurs during the helicopter tour, we land directly at the hospital's premises to provide immediate treatment to our guests.

Professionally trained crew members

We are a team of travel experts, pilots, and flight instructors who have been working in the travel industry for over a decade. We have served hundreds of travelers over the years and looking forward to making memories with many other fellow travelers.

Your safety is our top priority

We only allow the helicopter to fly if everything on our takeoff checklist is marked positive. From weather stability to maintenance of the helicopter, we check every little detail before each takeoff. And because of that, we can provide the safest and most satisfying helicopter tours in Nepal.

Best price guarantee

Our helicopter treks and tours packages have the best price in the market. We offer an incredible price range to our guests whether they are looking for a budget-friendly trip or luxury trip.

Secure online payment

Our secure online payment gateway lets our guests book the trip and pays the package cost from the comfort of their homes. We regularly check and update our payment system to allow safe & secure payment options.

24/7 support by an expert team

We are always there to help you with your queries. You can contact us on our provided number or email us anytime for a prompt reply. Moreover, we are a team of multilingual individuals, which also gaps the communication barrier.

Small and private groups

Our groups are usually small and private. We make sure regardless of the trip type, our guests get equal attention and care from our travel consultants & representatives. You can join us in ongoing groups or fly privately with your loved ones/solo. The group sizes range from 2 to 12 people. For a bigger group than this, you can talk to one of our consultants and see what we can offer you.

Never compromise on our services

We proudly say we never compromise on our quality of service. From attending our guests to making sure they are having a good time, we take care of every small thing. Our goal is to make you happy and offer a lifetime experience. And we have been doing so for a long time successfully.

Sustainable & responsible tourism

Helicopter ventures are fun, no doubt, but we also understand that they also highly degrade the environment. Therefore, to make our impact less on the environment we contribute a lot to safeguarding the Himalayas. We actively participate in planting trees, collecting waste, and giving back to the local community as much as we can. So, while traveling with us, you can travel without any guilt.

Dedicated team members

All of our guests get a dedicated representative from our company, who takes care of their all needs from the booking process to arriving in Nepal. You'll be accompanied by the most friendly and kind people in Nepal.

Hand-picked professionally designed packages with ample rest days

We have many hand-picked itineraries around Nepal that provide adventurous and once-in-a-lifetime kinds of journeys. The itineraries are well designed by professional travelers with ample acclimatization days if needed. Traveling only becomes fun when it lets you rest and enjoy every second, and our heli trekking & tour packages do so.

Your travel investment is safe and valued

Your advance booking money is always safe with us. You can blindly trust us with your money. Even if the trip gets canceled, you receive the refund as per our cancellation policy. With that being said, we also have a transparent policy and no hidden charges.

You are ready?

Please choose your suitable heli tour package, choose your location either if you need evacuation assistance or a tour. Please let us know. Everest Experience and Assistance will surely put all our effort to complete your mission successfully.

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