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With more than 15 years of expertise in curating adventurous ventures in the Himalayas, We, A team of established Everest Experience and Assistance to provide the smoothest helicopter trips around the Himalayas in Nepal.

Everest Assistance specializes in curating helicopter tours, helicopter treks, and helicopter rescue missions. All of our packages are hand-picked by our professional team members and created on-demand by our guests.

Beyond the famous EBC Helicopter tour, we have a range of helicopter charter services. You can join group departures or go on a private trip. Our over a decade of experience, work ethic, risk assessment plan, safety surety, and attention to each guest makes us a very reliable helicopter tour/trek partner.

Everest Assistance is a fully registered travel company under the Nepal government. We guarantee fixed departures unless affected by unforeseen events like political disturbance, unstable weather, natural disaster, etc.


We understand the risk helicopter tours involve, therefore we have a team of highly experienced pilots and flight instructors who have been flying in the Himalayas for ages. To this date, we have a 100% record of safe helicopter flights and with the highest satisfaction rate.

Great adventure comes with great risks, and you can minimize this risk with us!

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Please choose your suitable heli tour package, choose your location either if you need evacuation assistance or a tour. Please let us know. Everest Experience and Assistance will surely put all our effort to complete your mission successfully.

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