Our Team

  • Mukti Pandey
    Managing Director

    Mukti Pandey

    Mr. Mukti was born in a remote part of  Gorkha district, Nepal  where a famous mount Mansalu and its trekking trail is located,  He started his carrier in tourism from 1999 as an assistant guide for Manaslu circuit trekking route. Gradually he collected ideas and gained the knowledge about different trekking routes of Nepal. He worked as a trekking leader of Nepal’s trekking routes for many years. After gaining more knowledge and ideas of trekking, tour and hospitality he opened and owned his trekking company and operated trekking groups for trekking in Nepal. Slowly he was more interested and as always enjoyed in hospitality business he opened his own hotel in Kathmandu for serving more.

    As always he looks for possibilities with positive thinking, though immediate assistance is needed for  many tourist and adventure lovers who travel and trek to the remote parts of Nepal’s Himalayan regions and caught with high altitude sickens as well as many other problem during their trek or travel, So he united with his skillful and knowledgeable friends to serve more in this hospitality business.

    He was elected as a Secretary of Trekking agencies association of Nepal ( TAAN ) for the year of 2015 and 2016 at the same time he was a Coordinator of search and rescue coordinator of Nepal for mountain trekkers.

    He has visited many countries dealing with many multinational assistance related organizations and service partners such as Japan, India, Europe, USA, Australia,

  • Subash KC
    Department head of Operation

    Subash KC

    Born in Lalitpur district of Nepal, he completed his study in management from Tribhuwan University in 2001, he got an opportunity to work in the tourism sector of Nepal that was also related to trekking and traveling. During that period, he gained valuable knowledge and experience about trekking in Nepal. He started collecting data about various trekking destinations and also self explored different trekking routes in our country. He did so by handling groups and individual travelers to different trekking trails and destinations by himself. Gradually, he learned to deal with national and international trekkers and travelers by operating trips by himself with great hospitality. He also owns and operate hotel in Kathmandu.

    Besides handling trekking and tours, being as a hotelier  he takes care of inquiries of the clients, reservations of hotel accommodations, flights, transportation and other travel related logistics. He understands the needs of the clients and treat them with great care. He has good command in English and has the capability to operate tours, treks and other adventure sports all over Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan with full satisfaction level of the clients. Mr. Subash is highly dedicated to promote responsible tourism by providing top quality service through his well organized company. He had lead many groups to Bhutan and Tibet by himself as well as collected  knowledge by traveling to different countries in the world such as India , Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Thailand, United stated of America, Japan, United kingdom, Canada.  E.T.C.

    He also operates and looks after the ground handling of Search and rescue as well as Helicopter tour in Nepal.

  • Manish Pandit
    Head of Communication

    Manish Pandit

    From an early age he was very intrigued with traveling and exploration. This curiosity persuaded him to pursue his career in Tourism and hospitality industry. He has strong determination and willingness to put maximum efforts to excel in this particular path.

    He has many international exposures in terms of obtaining knowledge regarding hospitality and tourism sectors in countries such as Dubai, China, India, Thailand.

    Currently he has devoted his time and efforts to Everest Experience and Assistance. He is the Head of Communication of this company. He looks after and is responsible for all the works related to communication of this company both internal and external. He is determined to ensure the smooth flow of information throughout the operations of Everest Experience and Assistance.

  • Sudip Regmi
    Account & Administration

    Sudip Regmi

    He started his journey in Travel and Tourism industry from 2007. Since then he has dedicated all his work and efforts towards the betterment of this industry. All the experience and knowledge that he has gained over the past 11 years, he is putting everything on his current work to ensure better outcome.

    From the time he joined this industry he has been very much interested in travel and tourism related works. He has decided that for the coming years also he will be dedicating his efforts towards the development of this industry.

    Currently he has given his time and effort to Everest Experience and Assistance. He is the head of accounts and administration of this company. He looks after and is responsible for all kinds of administrative and accounts related works of this particular company. For now he is driven to make this company’s work efficient and smooth to make sure it will prosper with good results.

  • Rohit Thapa
    Ground Handling

    Rohit Thapa

    Nepalgunj airport ground handling for far western region of Nepal.

  • Hari Lama
    Ground Handling

    Hari Lama

    Pokhara Airport ground handling,

  • Rtiesh Tamang
    Ground Handling

    Rtiesh Tamang

    Kathmandu airport ground handling.

  • Rukman Sherpa
    Ground Handling

    Rukman Sherpa

    Lukla  airport Ground handling person for Everest region.