Everest Base Camp Private Helicopter Tour


  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Destination: Everest Region
  • Starts/Ends: Kathmandu
  • Best Time: Spring & Autumn
  • Travel Style: Helicopter Flight
  • Maximum Altitude: 5,644 m


  • Enjoy a private helicopter tour to the base camp of Mt. Everest with your loved ones or solo
  • No need to fly with strangers
  • Comfortable and full window seats
  • Skip the arduous trek to EBC and reach Kala Patthar in the blink of eyes
  • Enjoy multiple landings
  • Witness sensational aerial views of the Himalayas
  • Have a delicious breakfast with a view at the Hotel Everest View

A helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp is a thrilling aerial adventure in the Himalayas. It takes you through the view of the Himalayan mountains and the hilly landscapes. As Nepal is known for its diverse terrain, you are bound to have an incredible venture. The Everest base camp private helicopter tour involves multiple landings and a delicious breakfast halt at one of the highest luxury hotels in the world, Everest View Hotel.

For sightseeing, the helicopter lands at Kala Patthar (5,644 m) & Everest View Hotel (3,962 m/13,000 ft). Apart from these two places, you also land at Lukla airport to refuel the chopper. And maybe land at Pheriche too to divide the weight of the chopper between two shuttles if the combined weight of the participants increases by 250 kgs. 

This Everest Base Camp private helicopter tour will save you from passing through the rough terrains of the Khumbu region. You can reach the Kala Patthar viewpoint without any difficulty. Therefore, the Everest helicopter tour is a luxury trip. It is for people who cannot make it through the challenging and rough trails. 

You do not need to make any adjustments to your schedule as this is going to be a short trip of a few hours. Everest Base Camp private helicopter flight is for people with tight schedules. If you cannot afford to give 11-14 days to trek, then this might be the best way to reach Everest. 

The journey starts from the domestic airport of Kathmandu. The flight goes above Nagarkot and Jiri to Lukla airport. Lukla is a stopping point for refueling the helicopter before ascending Everest Base Camp. The helicopter stops for about 10 to 15 minutes here. 

The next stop is at Kalapatthar. This is a famous viewpoint and undoubtedly the best place to look at Mt.Everest. The other mountains you see are Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, Cho Oyu, Makalu, Pumori, Baurntse, etc. 

From here, you fly down to the Everest View Hotel for your breakfast with a view. The trip does not end here. Flying over the Khumbu glacier, you land at Lukla one more to refuel and fly back to Kathmandu. The entire trip is 3 to 4 hours long. 

Why are helicopter tours getting more popular in Nepal?

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour is seeing a huge spike in popularity among travelers around the world. This package has made traveling in the Khumbu region easier and reaching the EBC possible for many travelers who cannot pursue the long EBC trek. 

The helicopter tour has made the Khumbu region safer and more accessible. It has been beneficial to both the visitors and the local people. In Lukla, you will find helicopters all around the year if the weather permits. Moreover, trekkers are also combining helicopter returns in their trek to EBC these days to experience the sceneries both ways.

Everest base camp helicopter tour with flight landing opportunity

The Everest base camp private helicopter tour provides an opportunity to land at four places in the Everest region. They are also the key parts of the attractions. All these different landings provide fantastic views of the mountain, glaciers, and icefalls. 

Here is a brief introduction to all the landings for your understanding. 

Lukla Airport: The first landing is at Lukla airport. This is a prominent point for all the trekkers and mountain flights heading towards the Everest region. People ask how an airport can be an attraction. So, Lukla airport is an attraction because of its location. It is built between the mountains and is said to be one of the most extreme airports in the world. It is also the only gateway to the Everest region. 

Pheriche: The second landing point is at Pheriche. It is at an altitude of (4,371 m). The helicopter lands at Pheriche to adjust the weight and number of people. The helicopter stops here for about 15 minutes. The weight that can be carried from this height is only 240 kgs, and a maximum of three people in 1 helicopter. The helipad is near the Pheriche hospital, which is only open during the two major climbing seasons- spring and autumn. 

Kala Patthar Viewpoint: The third and the most popular landing is at Kalapatthar. It is situated at an altitude of (5,644 m). The flight to Kalapatthar continues from Pheriche and reaches in 10 to 15 minutes. You land at Kala Patthar for 10 minutes and drop down to the Everest View Hotel. You can stay at Kala Patthar for more than 10 minutes, or it may trigger altitude sickness. 

Hotel Everest View: The fourth landing point is at Hotel Everest View. The flight lands at the height of 3,962 meters, where you will stop for around 30 minutes. During this landing, you will enjoy the stunning view of Everest and have a delicious breakfast. 

Reasons to do the Everest base camp private helicopter tour

A short and memorable trip 

This is a short Everest base camp package. Even though you do not necessarily land at the base camp of Mt. Everest, the flight flies over it and lands a little above at Kala Patthar. Unlike other adventurous ventures in the Himalayas, helicopter tours do not need any prior experience. You can book a seat for yourself tomorrow if you want. 

Enjoy the heli tour to EBC in the morning and have the rest of the day free to do other activities. Likewise, the experience you get during the tour is phenomenal and will stay with you lifelong.

Breathtaking views of the Himalayas

The Himalayas are an oasis of stunning scenery. Not only the giant snowy mountains, but the tour also offers heavenly views of valleys, rivers, villages, pastures, hills, and terraced fields. Once you begin flying over the alpine zone, the landscape changes to massive glaciers, frozen streams, gorges, moraines, and avalanche debris. 

Avoid the crowd trekking trial 

The route of Everest base camp is mostly packed as this is the most sought-after trekking destination. As you start walking from Lukla, you will find lots of people along the way. So, if you chose to conquer Everest through a private helicopter tour, you can certainly avoid this crowd. 

Everest helicopter tour is for people of all ages 

Everest private helicopter tour is for children who cannot trek. It is for people who are physically not able to trek or elderlies who cannot make it to Everest. The journey is designed to take adventure hearts to 5,644 meters without the risk of altitude sickness. 

Similarly, this trip is also for busy people who cannot give a long time commitment for the trek but still want to be at the highest base camp in the world. Whether you are a kid, young, or old age individual, you can join our Everest base camp private helicopter tour without any issues. 

Safety and precautions: How safe is a private helicopter tour to EBC?

Everest base camp private helicopter tour is safe because we do multiple layers of safety checking before each trip. Similarly, we have a safety checklist during the tour and at the end of the tour that ensures the trip's overall safety. 

Inside the helicopter, there is always an emergency oxygen cylinder. The weight is also highly considered to avoid the heavy load at a high altitude. The pilots are highly trained and have completed several helicopter flights.

Below are some of the things to keep in mind during a helicopter tour:

  • Pay attention while briefing: Carefully listen to the flight instructor and pilot when they are briefing. The pilot will tell you when to get in and out of the helicopter and whether you can move inside the flight or not. 
  • Approaching the helicopter: The pilot will give you a signal when it is safe to approach the helicopter. The pilot can only see you from the front, so make sure you approach it from the front. Approach the helicopter with caution if the rotors are already turning or about to turn
  • Secure your personal belongings: Make sure that you take care of your belongings. If it gets blown away do not chase it. It could lead to a serious injury. If you do not think scarves are important, do not carry them. It might become a burden for you to take care of it. 
  • Good sunglasses: Wear sunglasses. It will protect you from UV radiation, snow blindness, and dust.
  • No smoking: Do not smoke within the boundary of 50 meters of the helicopter. Similarly, smoking inside the helicopter is prohibited. 


A vehicle will be sent to the hotel to pick you up at 6 am. You will be dropped off at the Tribhuvan Domestic Airport. 

    Your documents and ticket will be checked by the airport officer. There will be a short briefing session by the flight instructor. You meet with the pilot and begin the boarding process. 

      The flight from Tribhuvan Domestic Airport to Lukla airport will be around 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the weather. The flight will provide you with an incredible view of the Kathmandu Valley, along with rhododendron forests and terrace farming. The flight also offers panoramic views of Langtang, Ganesh Himal, and others. 

        After the helicopter lands at the Lukla airport, it will stop for around 15 minutes to refuel. You can stretch and look around during that time. 

          After refueling, our next stop is Kalapatthar (if not landing at Pheriche to adjust the weight). It will be a 15 minutes flight. Kalapatthar is situated at a height of 5,644 meters. You will fly over Namche Bazaar and other Sherpa villages. The views of the giant Himalayan mountains get prominent, and you see diverse landscapes. 

            Kalapatthar is a viewpoint with mountains surrounded on every side. The summit of Everest can be visible only from here, so many trekkers trek up to this point, and helicopters land here. You will get 10 minutes to look around and take pictures. 

              The helicopter flight continues from Kalapatthar to the basecamp. Hotel Everest view is one of the world’s highest luxury hotels. The flight from Kalapatthar to the Everest View Hotel is 15 minutes. The best part of these fifteen minutes is the views of the Khumbu glaciers. 

                You have breakfast in one of the popular hotels. You get to enjoy breakfast with the surreal mountain views. People from all around the world come here for breakfast and the scenic view. This might be probably one of the most thrilling experiences. 

                  After the scrumptious breakfast, you will fly back to Lukla airport, where the helicopter will stop for 15 minutes for refueling. After refueling, you will head towards Kathmandu. 

                    Fly to Lukla and ascend to Kala Patthar. Stop at the Hotel Everest View Hotel for breakfast and fly back to Kathmandu.

                    Essential Info

                    Everest helicopter private tour joining points

                    You can join the private helicopter tour from different locations such as Lukla, Pheriche, Kalapatthar, and Hotel Everest View. This is an opportunity for you to customize your regular trip to the Khumbu region. 

                    You can join the private helicopter from the following points:


                    If you are in Lukla and are seeking a way to reach the Everest Base Camp or at higher points like Kalapatthar in a few minutes, you can join our Everest base camp private helicopter flight. 

                    If the timing matches, you can join our group in Lukla when the helicopter pauses for refueling for about 15-20 minutes. Or, you can also opt for a private helicopter tour. 

                    Accordingly, if you have completed the trek and want to get an aerial view while returning, this is an opportunity for the helicopter trip. 


                    People who are in the Pheriche can book a helicopter from here and land at Everest Base Camp within 15-20 minutes. It is for trekkers who do not want to walk further to reach the Everest Base Camp. 

                    It is also for people who have reached EBCand have returned to Pheriche but want to witness the aerial panoramic view and skip the further return trekking. 

                    The helicopter will pick you up from Pheriche and complete the tour. It will either drop you at Lukla or Kathmandu as per the deal.

                    Here are some other options for the Pheriche flight-

                    • Flight from Pheriche to Kathmandu
                    • Fly to Pheriche from Kathmandu 
                    • Fly from Pheriche and drop at Lukla
                    • Pheriche to Everest View Hotel

                    Kalapatthar or above Gorak Shep

                    The most attractive part of the helicopter tour is the Kalapatthar. This place is known for being the highest viewpoint in the world. So, if you are trekking and are in Kalapatthar or above Gorak Shep, you can catch a helicopter flight from here. 

                    You can skip the return trekking part. The trip is customizable. The flight will even take you back to Kathmandu as per your request.

                    The helipad is situated at Kalapatthar. If you choose to catch the flight from here, then you will get to see close views of mountains like Ama Dablam, Cho Oyu, Everest, Makalu, Island Peak, Nuptse, and many more.

                    Hotel Everest View 

                    You can catch the flight from Hotel Everest View's helipad if you are already here. The flight can take you to EBC/Kala Patthar with landing and drop you back at the hotel. Or you can take a round trip over EBC and land at Lukla or Kathmandu airport.

                    Syangboche Airstrip

                    The trekkers who are in Namche Bazaar or at Everest View Hotel can take a helicopter flight from Syangboche Airstrip. The flight is a good option for both travelers who are trekking towards EBC or returning. The flight will be short with a remarkable landscape. 

                    Tengboche to Everest base camp (Kala Patthar) helicopter flight

                    Tengboche is one of the major attractions of the trek as it has the biggest monastery in the Khumbu region. This monastery has its own cultural significance. If you think you cannot hike further from Tengboche, but want to get close to Everest, a helicopter flight will allow you to do so. 

                    While returning, you can choose to land at Kathmandu or Lukla as per your planning. You reach Everest Base Camp by helicopter from Tengboche in just 15-20 minutes. It will save you 3-4 days of the trek. 

                    Dingboche to Everest base camp (Kala Patthar) helicopter flight

                    If you are already in Dingboche, then you can catch a helicopter from here as well. The trail gets steep and rough from here onwards, and the thin air pressure also rises, so you may not feel like walking 6 to 7 hours a day anymore. 

                    Our Dingboche pickup will take you to EBC or Kala Patthar in a matter of a few minutes. If you fly in a helicopter from Dingboche, you will be in Kathmandu within 2-3 hours. You can either directly fly back to Kathmandu or Lukla while returning.

                    Gokyo to Everest base camp (Kala Patthar) helicopter flight

                    From Gokyo village, you can fly to EBC or Kala Patthar with landing and skip the arduous trekking part. The flight will save you 3 to 4 days of trekking to Kala Patthar. At the same time, you have the option to continue the flight back to Lukla or Kathmandu. The Helicopter flight is 30-35 minutes long from Gokyo. 

                    What is the best time to take a helicopter tour?

                    Morning is the best time to take a helicopter tour to Mount Everest. This time presents the best aerial landscapes as the sunlight directly reflects on the mountains. The weather is mostly stable and clear in the peak season. 

                    If a perfect season has to be chosen for the helicopter tour in the Himalayas, then the most feasible time would be spring and autumn. The weather is constant during these two seasons, which provides an undisturbed view of the mountain. 

                    Everest Helicopter Tour in the Spring season

                    The months of March and April are the best for a helicopter flight to Everest. The days are bright, and the weather is stable. So you can get an amazing view of both the mountains and landscapes. The daytimes are less windy, making it the best time for a heli tour. 

                    Everest Helicopter Tour in the Autumn season

                    The months of October and November are other suitable months for the heli ride as the weather becomes cool. It is the season after the rainy season, so there is less rainfall, and the surrounding area is rejuvenated. 

                    The view is covered with greenery thanks to the monsoon rain. The days are warm and the sky blue. It is the second-best time after spring for the helicopter tour. 

                    Everest Helicopter Tour in the winter season 

                    The months of December, January, and February fall in the month of winter. During these months, the mountains are covered by thick snow. This is the time to get the clearest views of the mountains shrouded by snow. The weather may not be stable at all times. So, in winter the helicopter tour is possible when the weather is good. 

                    Everest Helicopter Tour in the rainy season 

                    Months like May to September are not a great time for the helicopter ride. The weather changes frequently, and the flights get delayed constantly. The rainfall also affects the views. 

                    Weather and Climate

                    The weather in the Himalayas is usually clear in the early morning during the whole year. However, it gets worse during the monsoon season. The climate is never constant. The flights might get canceled due to unstable weather in the monsoon & winter. If it happens, you will be fully refunded. 

                    During the daytime, the temperature ranges from 15 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees celsius in spring & autumn. In winter, the day temperature can go down to -15 degrees celsius, even during the daytime. 

                    Everest base camp private helicopter tour with landing cost

                    The cost of the Everest base camp private helicopter tour depends on the customer's demand for the required services. If you customize the trip, the cost will vary accordingly, and the price may rise. 

                    The other factor that determines the cost is the size of the group, individual and group joining, single or couple or more. The cost starts from USD 1050 dollars per person. 

                    You can fly however you like. You can fly solo or even in a group. If you want to travel at a low expense, then booking a helicopter flight with landing in a group is recommended. You might be able to make new friends during this trip too. 

                    There is a group departure every day during the peak season that you can join. 

                    Group joining Everest base camp helicopter tour cost details

                    The cost of the trip will depend on the group size. If you are a solo traveler, the price will be around USD 1100. However, the cost might be reduced to USD 1000 dollars if two people are flying. Likewise, the cost can reduce up to USD 980 if three people are paying. If four people, the cost will be around USD 940 dollars. The above-mentioned price is only applicable if your own group is paying together for the trip.

                    Covid- 19 quarantine regulations

                    Nepal is welcoming tourists to the country. However, only travelers with a fully vaccinated card are allowed. There have been many cases where passengers are asked to show proof even while booking at boarding. You will be given the stamp if only you show your negative PCR report. 

                    Passengers should go through the following quarantine regulations:

                    • PCR report must be negative within 72 hours of the swab collection time and departure time.
                    • Tourists have to hotel quarantine at their own cost in the hotels mentioned by the ministry of culture, tourism, and civil aviation or NTB if needed.
                    • Participants should use face masks and maintain an appropriate distance during the helicopter tour. 
                    • Not only the travelers and passengers but also our team members are fully vaccinated to ensure that you do not fall sick because of us. 
                    • Be relieved because we sanitize the choppers after every flight. We consider every little detail like the window seat, seat belts, and headphones are cleaned & sanitized after every use. 

                    Essentials to carry during the helicopter ride

                    At the high altitude, there is a strong wind, the air is cold, high UV radiation, and less oxygen. So, make sure that you carry your essentials to protect yourself. 

                    Below are some of the things that you might want to carry during the ride:

                    • Sunscreen: It will protect your face from sunburn because there is high UV radiation.
                    • Windstopper: At the high elevation, there is a presence of strong winds. To make sure you are warm enough during the ride, carry a windstopper. 
                    • Warm Clothes: The weather up there constantly changes. So, wear warm clothes to protect yourself from the cold.
                    • Buff: You might get hit by dust whenever the helicopter approaches you. To protect your face from dust use buff.
                    • Water bottle: To keep yourself hydrated.
                    • Toiletries: moisturizer, lip balm, sanitizers, and tissues.
                    • Carry out other necessary stuff: a camera, memory card, batteries, socks, and gloves. 

                    Why book the private Everest helicopter tour with us?

                    We provide attention to our guest's needs from the start of the trip to the end. We customize your trip according to your needs and preference to make your trip memorable. The cost is very reasonable, and we ensure that you will take back a lot of memories. 

                    1. Best experience for the trip cost
                    2. Safe helicopter tour surety
                    3. Highly experienced pilots and crew members
                    4. Full refund if the trip gets canceled from the company side
                    5. Comfortable window seat for every participant
                    6. Reasonable cost guaranteed
                    7. Numerous years of organizing helicopter tours in the Himalayas experience

                    Booking and Cancellation

                    Here we have some of our booking policies in short. For more information, make sure to see our terms & conditions page.


                    To book our services, you will have to pay the advance of 30% of the cost of the helicopter tour. This amount will be refunded if you wish to cancel the trip. Besides this, we also need your basic information and scanned documents of your passport and photograph.

                    Your booking will be confirmed once we receive the payment along with other documents. You will receive the notification once the time and date of your trip have been confirmed. Our representatives will help you and guide you to prepare for the trip. 

                    The remaining 70% percent must be cleared before starting the trip. You can pay us through bank transfer or credit card. 


                    You can cancel the trip in advance before 24 hours for a full refund. If you cancel before less than 24 hours, you will not be refunded the 25% of the payment you made. 

                    If the Helicopter tour gets canceled due to unavoidable reasons like bad weather, you will be refunded fully. You will be entitled to receive 15% of the payment if you withdraw from the trip 3 days prior. 

                    If the trip is canceled, we have a policy that allows the customers to postpone their trip.

                    Tour FAQs

                    • Q1. What is the limit of the passengers?

                      The helicopter can accommodate five passengers and one captain. The total weight limit for the passengers is 500 kgs from Kathmandu to Lukla. However, from Lukla to Kala Patthar, the weight limit per shuttle is 250 kgs. 

                    • The helicopter can fly up to 5,000 to 6,000 meters high. It cannot fly past that because of wind, freezing temperatures, and air pressure. The air is too thin to let the helicopter remain airborne at such a high altitude. 

                    • Yes, a solo traveler can book a helicopter tour. However, you need to tell us your preferred time and date in advance, so that we can adjust accordingly. 

                    • Yes, we carry oxygen cylinders because safety and precaution are our priorities. 

                    • Yes, a helicopter tour to Everest is safe and suitable for all ages of people. 

                    • Our pilots are very experienced and successful. All the pilots have completed several Everest heli tours and have been with us for many years.

                    • Yes, you will be able to enjoy the internet facility and electricity at the high altitude of Everest Base Camp.

                    • The flight will only take a break for 10 minutes. It is risky to stay at that location for a long time because of the risk of altitude sickness. 10 minutes will be more than enough to look around and take pictures.

                    • The cost can be refunded in two cases. Firstly, when the flights get delayed due to bad weather conditions. Secondly, if you cancel before 24 hours of starting the trip. Canceling less than 24 hours of flight take-off costs you the advance booking payment as the cancellation charge.

                    • It is pretty easy to book with us. If you want to book a private trip for your family, you can just call us and tell us your date and preferred time. You can reach out to us through a call, email, and our websites.

                    • The maximum number of people that the helicopter can carry at once is 5. You can book for more than six people at the same time. However, there will be additional helicopters. 

                    • Yes, the weather needs to be clear because this trip needs clear weather to see the mountains as well as for the pilots to fly safely. So, if the weather is not clear, the flight may get delayed.

                    • There is not enough space to land a helicopter as it is on the side of Khumbu Glacier. The other reason is that Kalapatthar provides an outstanding mountain view. 

                    • The best time for the helicopter tour is spring (March-April) and autumn season (October-November). However, you can still do this tour in February, June, April, May, and December. 

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