Dingboche to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight


  • Duration: 1 Hours
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Destination: Everest Region
  • Starts/Ends: Dingboche/Kathmandu
  • Best Time: All seasons
  • Travel Style: Helicopter Flight
  • Maximum Altitude: 4,410 m


  • The quickest way to reach Kathmandu from Dingboche
  • Save at least two days of walk from Dingboche village to Lukla
  • No need to retrace the trail and walk on a steep descending route
  • Lets you witness a stunning aerial panorama of the Himalayas
  • Anyone can join the helicopter flight, no age barrier
  • Last-minute booking and safe flight guarantee

​​Dingboche village

Dingboche village is situated at 4,410 meters from sea level. It is one of the famous and last stops for acclimatization on the way to Everest base camp. Dingboche is a famous Sherpa village. Trekkers stop here for acclimatization and hike to Nagarjuna Hill (5,100 m) or Nangkartshang Peak (5,083 m). Both hikes present breathtaking mountain views. 

Dingboche village is more on the bustling side with a charming essence. It has a library and an internet cafe. You can also rent climbing gear here. As the village is located at a high altitude, the climate is mostly cold. There are altogether 26 lodges in this village and offer comfortable stay & great service. 

Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter flight

Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter flight is one of our other helicopter services in the Khumbu region. You can take this helicopter flight and skip the trek back to Lukla (if you are descending from EBC). Moreover, you get to escape the hectic commercial Lukla-Kathmandu flight if you go for Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter flight. We also have Kathmandu to Dingboche helicopter drop-off service for travelers looking to fly directly from Kathmandu to Dingboche. 

The flight experience will be comfortable, and the stunning aerial mountain views will make your journey in the Himalayas furthermore fascinating. You'll be flying over villages and forests before descending towards Kathmandu airport. The Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter flight service is available throughout the year, and you can book the flight anytime with one call from us. 

Combining Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter flight in your itinerary will not only save you a lot of time but also save your energy. This helicopter flight is suitable for people of all ages. We guarantee a smooth and safe flight to all of our guests. We are one of the top companies in Nepal providing helicopter flight service in the Himalayas. 

Flight time & distance

The helicopter flight duration from Dingboche to Kathmandu is approximately one hour, and the distance is 149 kilometers. You'll be picked up from the Dingboche helipad at 4,410 meters (14,470 ft). 

Mountain views and attractions during the helicopter flight

The Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter flight presents wonderful bird-eye views of the mountains and hills. You can see snow-capped Himalayan mountains stretching as far as you can see. Likewise, the barren hills and moraine view quickly change to lush green hills and verdant valleys as the flight progresses. 

You can see tiny Sherpa villages and rivers flowing down you. Some of the excellent mountain views during the helicopter flight from Dingboche to Kathmandu are Everest (8,849 m), Lhotse (8,516 m), Nuptse (7,861 m), Pumori (7,161 m), Ama Dablam (6,812 m), Kangtega (6,782 m), Thamserku (6,608 m), Cholatse (6,440 m), Kongde Ri (6,187 m), etc. 

Why use a helicopter flight from Dingboche to Kathmandu?

There are many reasons one can join Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter flight. You can simply combine this helicopter flight if you do not wish to walk anymore or if you want to make your trip more adventurous. Whatever the case, one thing that is guaranteed is a lifetime experience. 

Avoid trekking hassle: Beyond Dingboche, there are still at least two days of a walk down to Lukla airport. You'll be retracing the trail, so the views are the same. And descending requires as much effort as ascending. So, the helicopter flight will save your energy and effort. You can avoid the trekking hassle. 

Save time: As we have mentioned earlier, the Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter flight cut off your two days of walking to one hour flight. You can use these extra days to explore Kathmandu or do some other adventurous activity in Nepal. 

Aerial view: The outstanding aerial view is one of the major highlights of flying in the Himalayas. And a helicopter flight with its big windows and comprehensive view is just phenomenal. Trust us, you have not seen a landscape like this before in your life.

Who can join Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter flight?

Our one-hour Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter flight is for literally anyone traveling in the Khumbu region, precisely if you are in Dingboche village. It doesn't matter if you are returning from EBC/Kala Patthar or decide to stop your trek to EBC upon reaching Dingboche village, you can take the helicopter flight back to Kathmandu.

It is also great for the traveler who feels sick at this point and wants to return to Kathmandu quickly. We let the travel book the helicopter flight even on the same day as per the weather condition and chopper availability. All you have to do is contact us on our given number to book the helicopter flight. It's very simple and requires only a few details. 

Why use our helicopter service?


We let you customize the helicopter flight. You can get pick and drop service anywhere in Nepal. Likewise, you are free to book the helicopter flight from Dingboche to Kathmandu whenever you need. You do not necessarily have to wait for our departure dates. 

Reasonable pricing

We have the best helicopter flight cost in the market. We have the standard helicopter flight cost from Dingboche village to Kathmandu and vice versa. You are not paying an absurd amount of money with us. And on top of that, our flight safety protocol and professional service will beat the cost we are charging for the service. 

Last-minute booking

Unlike other companies, you can book a helicopter flight with us at the last moment. Depending upon the weather and available chopper, we'll schedule the pick-up from Dingboche village as soon as possible. We have regular flights in the Khumbu region during peak trekking seasons, so you can expect a quick response from our side. For last-minute booking (one day before or the same day), we only need your general information and full payment. 

Safe flight and very experienced crew

We work with Nepal's best airline, which carries multiple decades of flying experience in the Himalayas. Our choppers are strong and designed to fly at high altitudes under given Himalayan region pressure. Likewise, the crew is very professional and friendly. You'll have a great time flying with us. 

Group joining Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter tour 

If you want to join the Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter flight in a group, we need you to send us the number of participants and their details. Group joining divides the helicopter flight between the participants and lowers the cost per head. If you are in a group of more than 5 people, we'll use an additional chopper, and the cost will increase as per that. 

Overall, you'll still get the best rate if you are flying in a group. Likewise, if you are a solo traveler, and looking to fly back to Kathmandu from Dingboche, then we can add you to one of our groups (if there is any scheduled flight from Dingboche to Kathmandu on the same date).  

Private Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter flight

The private helicopter flight from Dingboche to Kathmandu is for those travelers who do not prefer to share the chopper with strangers. You can book the private flight at the best rate and fly back to Kathmandu alone or with your partner (if any). Booking a private chopper gives you the freedom to schedule the flight time and date at your convenience. 

Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter pickup cost

So our Dingboche to Kathmandu helicopter flight in group sharing costs around USD 1050 per head. Likewise, if you are booking a private flight then the cost is around USD 3000 (for one helicopter). The total weight combining passengers and participants is 500 kgs. If the weight exceeds this number, we'll need an additional chopper that adds an extra charge.


As per the scheduled time, our pilot will fly to Dingboche airstrip to pick you up. We'll let you know the helicopter arrival time in advance, so you can get ready and be at the airstrip. After landing, the pilot will do the routine check of the chopper and load your luggage. Enjoying the dramatic mountain views and lush green hills, you'll fly to Kathmandu. 

Upon landing at Kathmandu, you can collect your luggage and kindly take a few minutes to give your feedback. If you wish, we can arrange a hotel escort. However, you have to let us know in advance, and it'll cost you extra charge

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  • 4,410 m
  • 1-hour

You can also book Kathmandu to Dingboche helicopter flight with us or anywhere in the Himalayas at the best price. 

Essential Info

Best time

You can use helicopter flight service in the Himalayas throughout the year. Offseasons like monsoon and winter may see the slight disturbance, but we can still fly our choppers in good weather windows. Among all the seasons, autumn & spring is the best time to fly in the mountains as per the weather. 

Helicopter flight in the Autumn season 

The Autumn season in Nepal goes from October to November. It is one of the peak trekking/climbing seasons in the Himalayas. The weather is stable, and the climate is moderate. Therefore the helicopter flight is very smooth and fantastic in these two months. The clear blue sky and stunning mountain views are best for an excellent flight. 

Helicopter flight in the Spring season 

March and April are the spring months. This is another great time to travel in the Himalayas. Like the autumn seasons, this season also has steady weather conditions and a pleasant climate (neither too hot nor cold). The visibility is great, therefore the helicopter flight offers an incredible experience and mountain views. 

Helicopter flight in the winter season

December to February is the winter season. The mountain freezes in these months. It is an off-trekking time, so the trails are empty. However, the winter season has one of the grandest views of the Himalayas. If you are into photography or are a photographer, there could not be a better time to capture Hiamalyasn with your lens. 

Similarly, if you are trekking in winter and wish to discover the Himalayas in the winter season, then of course, you can add Dingboche to Kathmandu heli drop. We recommend you book the flight in advance so that we can get ready on time to pick you up. 

Helicopter ride in the Monsoon season 

Like winter, monsoon/summer (May to September) is off-season for Traveling in the Himalayas. However, if you happen to be in Dingboche at this time and looking for a helicopter flight back to Kathmandu, you can remember us. Our reliable crew will pick you up and drop you at the Kathmandu airport safely. 


We have very strict safety and security protocol for all of our helicopter flights in the Himalayas, and our team abides by it. We check the chopper before every take-off and make sure everything is fine. Our crew is experts in their work and has numerous years of flying experience, so you do not have to worry about anything. 

To this date, we have 98% of successful flights in the Himalayas. The other 2% of the flight got canceled/delayed because of weather issues and rare political intervention. As a participant, you also have to follow some rules to not compromise flight safety. You can read below:

  • Do not move around once the helicopter is in the air. No exchanging seats. 
  • Follow the pilot instructions and do not miss behave. 
  • Do not approach the helicopter from behind and only enter/exit from the helicopter on the pilot's signal.
  • Do not smoke inside or around the chopper. 

Booking/Cancellation Policy


Our booking policy is very clear and transparent. We have a very simple booking process, and in an emergency, you can book a helicopter flight in one call. Call on our given number or send us your booking request through our site. We take last-minute bookings too. 

To confirm the helicopter flight, you have to send us the trip cost and your general information. If you cannot prepay (for last-minute booking), we need some kind of assurance for payment, and you can pay us once you arrive in Kathmandu. 

Cancellation Policy

Upon canceling the flight, you may get charged a cancellation fee. It depends on the cancellation time and circumstances. If the flight is canceled from the company side, we refund all of your money. We only cancel or postpone the helicopter flight if the situation is out of control, such as bad weather, natural disaster, etc. 

Tour FAQs

  • Q1. Will the helicopter wait for me if I get late by chance?

    Yes, the helicopter will wait for you if you get late. However, we request you to let us know about the possibility of a delay in your arrival in advance so that we can adjust the flight timing & price. There's also a limit to waiting. We do not want to be caught in bad weather or any other situation, so please try to be on time. 

  • Yes, if you place the request in advance, we will arrange airport-to-hotel drop-off for you. 

  • Yes, we always have oxygen tanks with us in the chopper at the time of flying for emergencies. 

  • You can call us to place a booking or send us a booking request through our site. For a quick response, we recommend calling us. 

  • Yes, helicopter flights are one of the safest ways to travel in the Himalayas. Moreover, it is much more comfortable than the commercial flight between Kathmandu and Lukla airport. And also much safer. 

  • No, you do not need anything special to book a helicopter flight. All we need is an ample landing space around your pickup destination to retrieve you from the place. 


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